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22 Photos Are Remarkably Interesting

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These 22 photos are remarkably interesting. They might make you feel curious for some reason. But the curiosity will end as soon as you see them thoroughly.

This nearly 15 feet tall one of the worlds largest amethyst geodes ever unearthed
These lava lamp nails
This is a close up of a llama eye
This Long-exposure shot of fireworks looking like plants
This rock formation that resembles a snake head and scaled body
This is the first flower ever grown entirely in space
This dead bee dangling from a thistle
This perfectly heart shaped potato
This coffee cup for left handed people
This seed started sprouting in the tomato
Miko, the pink champagne fox
This iris
This whole Ecosystem on his Face
These Asperatus Clouds In New Zealand
This artistic installation made of seven tonnes of wire mesh in Siponto, Italy
This intricate design on the inside of a purple cabbage
This is an extreme close up of a human eye
This phenomenon
This turtle in the deep sea
This extremely poisonous mushroom
This close up view of velcro
This light painting under the Milky Way

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