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Museum Challenged Art Lovers to Recreate Paintings And People Have Nailed It

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The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, challenged people to post photos of themselves recreating their favourite masterpieces from home and the response are extremely hilarious. The challenge is that you have to recreate your favourite work of art with 3 things lying around your home, was basically inspired by the Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine. See how creativity is overtaking the boredom out of loose stuff. These inspiring photos will boost your moral that was the main aim to start the challenge.

What’s up doc? 
Tea time
Trash or treasure?
Don’t burst these bubbles
Treasure ?
Appreciate the small things in these times
Don’t judge a book by its cover
Breakfasts for champions
Daily routine
Singles I’m so sorry you had to see this
Warzone at home
Date night
When you’ve finished all your magazines, puzzles and new hobbies
Home is where the next holiday destination is
When you’ve been reduced to a head
Walking on sunshine
Ready for Bal Masqué 2021
Nature is calling
New week, same routine
Friday nights with the fam

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